About peaches

One of my favourite presents ever was a birthday present from a friend. A white enamel dish with a red border full of sweet red cheek peaches. Picture perfect. She must have known that I LOVE peaches.

When I was small, my dad had a fruit orchid from which we could just about pick any fruit, almost like the garden of Eden. There were different sorts of peaches, plums, apricots, pomegranate fruit, figs, and quince. I was too small then to have any concept of mindfulness, but if I were in that garden now, I would be sure to sit under a tree and breathe in all the lovely fruit scents while the sun played hide and seek through the leaves on my face.

I think kindness is like a fragrance we wear, and everywhere we show kindness, we give off this sweet scent of life. Just imagine all the other scents of life like love, joy, peace, goodness, self-control and gentleness that we could spread.

I am grateful that I know the feeling of picking fruit from a tree, it was a privilege not to be taken lightly, and I cannot remember, but I hope I shared these precious fruits with a friend.

If you could wear one of the scents of life mentioned above, which one would it be?



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