About kindness surprises

I’ve been thinking, how one can spread kindness without people knowing about it? A while ago I’ve read an article about a bunch of youngsters sprinkling flower seeds across a city centre, and when people least expected it, the seeds were blooming all around lamp posts, parking meters and other unexpected places. Kindness surprises.

Right at the top of our garden, all along the wired fence, is a patch of soil where nothing grows. On the other side of the fence, is a scenic walking and jogging route, enjoyed by many passers-by each day. So, I decided to sow seeds all along the wired fence, as a surprise for springtime. Most flower seeds take around three months to develop into full bloom, which means now will be a good time to start preparing for my surprise kindness project.

I’ve bought sweet peas, marigolds, corn flowers and sunflowers and I’ll be preparing the soil and sowing the seeds this coming week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture of my spring flowers by beginning of September. I’m sure people will reach trough the fence to pick some flowers, or even just smell the flowers, and that is exactly what I want. Flowers for inspiration. Flowers for everyone.

I’ve realised that spreading kindness is not always kindness in the moment, sometimes it takes some planning, and waiting, for kindness to bloom.

Which types of kindness ‘seeds’ do you want to sow? You may be surprised at the outcome thereof.



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