End of year reflection

Just the other day someone described the word reflection as: “it’s almost like bumping into yourself” and being heard by a wiser calmer self.

This year I regularly bumped into myself. My reflective moments were not necessarily enjoyable, but it was good. I looked straight into my eyes and showed me with much perspective and wisdom, what the essence was of every situation, interaction and happening I faced. I sighed with myself in defeat, and sang with myself in victory.

Me and my daughter’s LiLiBeth journey this year was much the same. With the creating of every quote and every sketch, we bumped into ourselves. Why do I say this? Why does she draw that? Our LiLiBeth growth process was challenging, but good and we’ve learned that beauty is everywhere and in everyone around us. We’ve also learned that just doing life every day builds a memory book to be read whenever we feel like it.

And now, while paging through our 2019 LiLi and LiLiBeh Instagram feed, I am thankful for me and my daughter’s hand-in-hand journey. We stand in awe of our ‘bumping-into-ourselves-moments’. Thank YOU for every bullet journal order, every like and every message on our social media platforms.

Have a special festive season and enjoy it when you unexpectedly bump into your wiser calmer self.  From this year’s LiLiBeth book of memories then: May you feel joy like sunshine, may you wear your crown, may you drink tea made from lavender and honey and love, may you dance and dream, may you have the patience to wait, may you feel the music in your heart, may you see the stars and may you dust off forgotten dreams. May you be OK. May you see life through rose tinted glasses, may you have time for reflection, may you smell Jasmin and Thyme, may you have abundant courage. May you have time to sit in your garden, may you always say thank you rather than sorry. May you gracefully walk your set path, and may you know that faith, hope, joy and love will be part of your new year.



The Li of Liesl and Li of Lische together make LiLiBeth, both names derived from Elizabeth – thus the name LiLiBeth. Elizabeth meaning oath of God.

©LiLiBeth is a creative product by Liesl and Lische Cronje

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