About doing what you love

I love to read and recently stumbled upon some really difficult questions to answer:

  • What makes me feel alive?
  • What do I love?
  • Where do I look forward to being?
  • What can I do for hours and not notice the time passing?

I tried to answer these questions, but could not, I needed time to sit very still, breathe and think. But how difficult to find time in our days considering all our work and responsibilities, don’t you agree?

I am so thankful for the Cottage Fairy’s YouTube channel. She so beautifully understands how difficult it can be, after a long workday, to find time to do what we love. In an episode titled ‘how I find energy to do what I love when I’m tired (+ a personal/home update)’, she walks her followers through the beautiful spring flower fields near her home, I feel peaceful just by watching how she enjoys nature, and time and time again I’m learning from her to appreciate simple beauty through creativity.

Now that it’s almost spring and new life is visible everywhere, let’s walk through our beautiful South African nature and smell the flowers? And maybe you will, just like me, find the courage to answer the questions above.



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