Connection space for Thyme Events

.est. 2006.

As partner to the Thyme2B Coaching programme, Thyme Events facilitates connection activities for students, mold-breakers (students, mid-career, post-career) and start-up entrepreneurs.

“Radical collaboration means that you aren’t alone in the process.  Find a supporter you can talk to.  Build a team.  Create a community”. – Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

In the business of …

Hope giving.  Connection.  Brand building. Training events.

Events include:

*Group coffee conversations with peers and Liesl as coach

*Connection to and conversations with a ‘mentor library’


– building your personal brand

– reframing your career

– design thinking

– designing your life

– narrative transformation

– thinking teams

– depth facilitation

– idea-storming

Social responsibility:

* NGO, NPO and NPC project facilitation and people support e.g.

* Random acts of kindness projects in school

* Retirement Village fun workshops

* Children’s home creative workshops

* Student coffee conversations